Welcome to the WPO Hyperledger "Digital eXperience Platform (DXP)", a complete ecosystem for a developing business. Hyperledger Fabric is part of the blockchain technologies hosted by The Linux Foundation. Within the DXP, diverse, global communities collaboratively develop Digital Assets as fungible and not fungible smart coins, that uniquely approach enterprise digital transformation challenges. These assets can cross-pollinate and interoperate just like how the communities driving the projects collaborate in an open and neutral environment powered by WPO Cash smart coin and contracts. Hyperledger Fabric in WPO DxP is an enterprise-grade, permissioned, distributed ledger platform within the WPO ecosystem that offers modularity and versatility for a broad set of industry use cases. The modular architecture for WP Opera DXP accommodates the diversity of enterprise use cases through plug-and-play components that seemingless integrate with the Hyperledger Fabric components such as consensus, privacy, and membership services. One of the many compelling Fabric features is the enablement of a network of networks. Members of a network work together, but because businesses need some of their data to remain private, they often maintain separate relationships within their networks. Rather than an open, permissionless system, Fabric offers a modular, scalable, and secure platform that supports private transactions and confidential contracts. Fabric helps members manage confidential obligations to each other without first passing it through a central authority. That way, personal data isn’t available to the entire network. If a member is not an agreed-upon party, the transaction won’t appear on their ledger. This architecture allows for solutions developed with Fabric to be adapted for any industry, thus ushering in a new era of trust, transparency, and accountability for businesses. Get started with WP Opera DXP today to get access to our Affiliation Program and your first private blockchain Smart Wallet.