A DXP goes a step further than a CMS by helping a brand produce digital experiences through websites, apps, portals, IoT devices and more...

"Web CMS is critical for developing, managing and optimizing web, mobile, and other content-based experiences..."

"...Whereas some critics considered web CMS solutions ‘bloated’ a few years ago, we think times have changed. API-first architecture and cloud deployments are reshaping the packaging of digital capabilities into more granular tools that can be assembled on demand."

 Forrester’s Mark Grannan

By building your online presence with WP Opera Digital eXperience Platform (DXP), you can build web pages or brand new websites, forms, and system integrations, by simply dragging the pieces you want, customise them and add the contents you need, like images, videos, and text.

No coding required. When you are ready to publish, a notification will be delivered to the manager that can be approved in a matter of minutes (or seconds) and you will never need IT assistance any time you need to make any changes. WP Opera can easily integrate into any of your legacy solutions that are compliant to openAPI Specification (OAS), help you to automate content publication, EDM (Email Direct Marketing) campaign, CRM automation tool, and the rest of your tools stack.

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The best part is that WP Opera DXP is a SaaS so its always at its latest version and there is no need for additional resources, so you can predict the annual cost right down to the dime and your team can be more agile, observe and react to market conditions, test different messages, and implement changes almost instantly.

Because there isn’t any infrastructure to manage, you can scale quickly without any added expense, keep the total cost of ownership down, and make it easy to collaborate on new marketing initiatives with team members. You can deliver an experience that is accessible, SEO Compliant, brand consistent, secure, and scalable.

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