WPOpera is the Wordpress DXP 


Premium dedicated managed hosting built specifically for our DXP Wordpress platform, delivering reliable, fast and secure websites.

Why It Works

Continues Improvements

In true lean-thinking fashion, process adoption isn’t a one-time action, but an ongoing process. WPOpera has a built-in processes that identify areas for improvement and teams that work on improving processes based on observations and customer feedbacks, and internal processes to self-assess and determine a own process- improvement paths. Regardless of the method WPOpera uses, the goal is to enable continuous improvement.




Faster Time To Value

Speeding time to value involves developing a culture, practices, and automation that allow for fast, efficient, and reliable Wordpress delivery through to production. WPOpera, has adopted latest technologies to deliver business capability, tools and culture required to facilitate efficient release planning, predictability, and customer success. The definition of value varies from organization to organization and even from project to project, but the goal of WPOpera is to deliver this value faster and more efficiently.



WPOpera has embraced several principles that have evolved over time and are still evolving following the shadow of famous solution providers, like IBM, that have developed their own variants. All these principles, however, take a holistic approach, and are used by many organizations of all sizes that adopt them. These principles are:


  • - Deploy with repeatable, reliable processes
  • - Monitor and validate operational quality
  • - Amplify feedback loops


How It Works

Do not think at Wordpress as a CMS anymore!  All the WPOpera Instances are delivered with a coding free Digital Experience Platform(DXP)  which offer built in drag and drop functionalities which will remove the necessity of coding your designs from the equation, leaving you free to focus on what matters the most, your business.

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