Covid19 Safe Businesses - Patrons Manager contactless QR Code App

"Collecting customer details for contact tracing with a contactless method such as a QR code will help keep customers and staff safe."

- NSW Government

Patrons Manager allows you to easily comply with Covid19 Safety Plans!

Some of the features that Patron Manager offers are:

  • Access to the Dashboard where you will be able to manage the registered patrons.
  • A full PWA (Progressive Web Application) with a fully customisable form. All fields are validated (required fields, date, addresses etc) so the data is always of good quality.
  • Automated Sign in - Patron Manager memorises the customer's account information on their phone so the customer does not have to fill out the form again each time they check in. This is true for all businesses using Patrons Manager. Once a customer has added their information, they can check into any venue which uses Patrons Manager without having to fill out their data out again. Less hassle means happier customers!
  • Login with “Facebook” and “Google” are available to speedup the form completion.

Social Responsibility is something we take seriously and to prove it, we have decided to offer Patrons Manager for free!

How does it work? 

When you come onboard, we will issue you with your very own unique QR Code and website URL (which you can convert to a personalised QR Code for free online). We will also give you access to our Dashboard which will allow you to track your visitors and comply with Covid19 Safety Plans.

When your customer scans your QR Code or visits your unique website URL they will be taken to a signup screen where they will fill out a form (address, name, email, phone number, etc). Once the customer has successfully signed up, they will immediately be checked into your venue with the time and date collected automatically.

Patrons Manager will remember the customer's information so, each time they come back, they will not need to signup again, they will simply have to scan your QR Code and they will be checked in. This is true across all the venues we manage. Once a customer has completed the signup process, they will never have to do it again, regardless of which venue they visit... as long as they are using Patrons Manager.

Our simple interface allows you to quickly see who has and hasn't checked in. This means that you and your staff can go back to focusing on what matters while we ensure you are staying compliant with Covid19 regulations.


Patrons Manager is free for everyone because you shouldn't have to pay to be Covid19 Compliant!